What are the Steps to Reduce the Risk of Getting HIV?

HIV has become a worldwide threat. A lot of measures have been taken to control the widespread of the disease. A lot of organisations like MWA International Pty Limited has started been studying about this particular disease. But then also a lot of people are still getting affected by this deadly virus throughout the years. The most common ways of spreading the disease are blood, semen, pre-seminal fluids, vaginal fluids, breast milk, etc. when the fluids come in contact with the membrane of mucus or any damaged tissue it can transmit the deadly virus. However following a few precautionary measures can decrease the risk of spreading such disease.

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What Should You Consider When Finding an HIV Doctor?

Finding a good doctor is never easy because it does not depend on the kind of sickness you have right now. However, it becomes more difficult to find the best doctor for not-so-common illnesses like HIV.

In that case, if you are searching for an HIV doctor then don’t rush into making a decision. There are high chances that you might come across one or two doctors but do not choose the one that you have discovered easily.

Sickness like HIV requires proper guidance so that the patient becomes aware of the seriousness of the condition subsequently.

MWA International is one of the reputed HIV consultants in Australia that believes we should always interview several doctors before coming to any conclusion. It is a fact that the way you feel before your doctor plays an important role in the progress of your treatment of your disease.


It is natural that you should choose a doctor who should have all the knowledge regarding the virus and the symptoms that the affected experiences as a result of it.

So check their qualifications properly. Furthermore, it is not just about the medications because you need a specialist before whom you will feel confident to share your problems and anxieties easily.

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Approach to Healthcare

It is significant to locate a doctor who shares your basic philosophy regarding healthcare. Never ignore the importance of this. Contemplate on the facts that you want to see in a doctor before interviewing several of them so that you can understand which one is the right choice for your need.

Are you looking for a doctor who will allow you to play an active part in making decisions for the betterment of your health? On the other hand, would you love the doctor to take a lead of the entire process without you having to do anything in it?

References play an important role but you will hardly find lots of people with HIV to help you in this case. However, you must talk about this with your friends because you never know what you can find from other’s life stories.

Also, try the different online communities that might help you locate the reputed HIV specialist’s in your area.

HIV Consultants Debunk The Myth

HIV is a well-known disease that has spread throughout the world. The most interesting part is that the cure for such a disease is still unknown to us.  And it is why a lot of precautions are taken to stay safe from such diseases. But then there are a lot of myths and misunderstandings regarding such a disease. One of the most common ones is that kissing an HIV patient would transfer the disease to another. This is a wrong idea and to get the proper information, following the below points would be a good notion.

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It does not get spread through saliva-

It is a weak virus and that is why it cannot be transmitted through saliva. When it is exposed to oxygen or air it becomes deactivated. It breaks down when comes in contact with the outer environment. It can work only inside an infected cell. And so when the infection gets dispersed in the open air it loses its effect.  It is why saliva is not a proper career of such virus. So from this you can understand that the HIV virus can never be transmitted through saliva.

Oral mucous acts as a barrier-

Many may not know but the oral saliva actually works as a barrier to prevent the spreading of such a disease. This is because of the unique composition of the saliva. This is why when a person kisses an HIV infected person, this particular type of mucus stops the viruses from getting to the other person. That is why it is safe to have oral sex with an infected person. And people who believe that it is wrong should get the right information. If you are having any doubt regarding such belief then you can certainly contact a doctor who can help you by getting rid of all the wrong concepts. The HIV consultants in Australia are known for providing the right guidelines and that is also at a cheap rate.

Anti-virus properties are present in saliva-

We all know that this is a particular type of virus. Saliva has got property to stop the virus. This is because of the special enzymes and antibodies that are present in the saliva. This benefits the infected person not to transmit the virus to another person. It can be used as a proper defense system. These antibacterial proteins save people from getting infected. It not only protects against common cold or flu but it provides a barrier against viruses like HIV.

Although there are numerous ways people get affected by HIV, kissing someone is not one of those. There is no such case that shows or proves that people have got HIV by kissing a patient with this infection. However it should be kept in mind that the kissing should be mild and not very rough. If the tongue or any part of the mouth is exposed and there is a possibility of contact with blood then there is a chance of transferring the virus.

These are a few of the important information that everyone should know about HIV. Staying informed is much better than knowing nothing or little about this infection.